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Learn How to Move from Failure to the Pass List

If you're among the nearly 30,000 bar takers who fail the bar exam each year, you know the frustration and pain of not seeing your name on the Pass List.

And you probably know that just doing the same things the same way won't change your bar exam results.

But in this direct, fact-based video training, you'll learn the 6 Keys To The Pass List.

Based on a ground-breaking study* that was just released by the New York Bar Examiners, along with our 30+ years of experience helping repeat bar takers, you'll discover what you can change today to Make the NEXT Bar Exam Your LAST Bar Exam!®

In these 6 training videos, Celebration Bar Review Founder Jackson Mumey takes you through the six keys that empirically improve your chances of passing the bar exam - no matter how many times you've failed before.

By flipping the conventional study methods for the bar exam and replacing them with these 6 key steps, you'll join the thousands of successful repeat bar takers who were able to move to the Pass List!

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CLICK HERE TO WATCH: In Video 1, we’ll dive into:
  • How many study hours it takes to pass the bar
  • Why an increase in study hours doesn't always improve results
  • Strategies to increase your study time if needed
CLICK HERE TO WATCH: In Video 2, we’ll dive into:
  • The importance of quality study time
  • Four ways to change the quality of your studies
  • Why quality is more important than quantity in improving bar scores
CLICK HERE TO WATCH: In Video 3, we’ll dive into:
  • How to manage your time allocation during the bar exam
  • Factors that impact MBE Timing and how to improve
  • Essay Timing and Practical Solutions for successful answers
CLICK HERE TO WATCHIn Video 4, we’ll dive into:
  • The importance of positive experiences in legal study
  • The value of supportive community and mentors
  • Changing your mindset about the bar exam
CLICK HERE TO WATCHIn Video 5, we’ll dive into:
  • What to retain from your law school studies
  • The vital skills to learn in law school
  • What you can safely ignore and forget
CLICK HERE TO WATCH: In Video 6, we’ll dive into:
  • How to manage outside life factors that influence bar results
  • How external circumstances reduce success on the bar
  • Steps that help you maintain control and focus on the bar exam

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*Read the full study here

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