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Lectures and Outlines for Every Testable Subject

Successful study for the bar exam requires access to the current law, explained and presented in just the way you need it for the test.
NOW you have access to a full set of bar review outlines with just the right amount of information AND coordinated with a series of video and audio lectures to give you the best reference possible...WITHOUT overwhelm.
Your course includes fully printable pdf files
for every testable subject along with a complete video and audio catalog of lectures for both the state and multistate parts of the exam...and all proven over 30 years to be the best in the industry!


Licensed Questions and Answers

As a bar taker, you want to be able to practice the "real thing." We provide Actual Questions from past bar exams and annotated with insightful answer explanations and models. Your course includes over 2100 licensed NCBE Multistate Questions (including all of the latest released tests and questions) along with our editors' answer explanations and insights.
Each course also contains past essay and performance exams (where applicable) and other state test materials along with model and sample answers. 
We update each course after the exams to be sure you have access to the most recent and available questions for practice.

Study Guide/Syllabus

Having lots of great materials... and no way to know how to get through them... is useless. Being on a forced schedule made for someone else (or worse yet, for "everyone") is a recipe for failure.
Your course contains each assignment in the course listed in order of completion and directions on how long you will need to study to complete that assignment.
Then, you simply put the assignments into your calendar and follow the order and time frames.
Most of our students will actually prepare in less than 20 hours of study per week using the methodology in the syllabus...and you can too!

Private Community Group

Finding a supportive community of current and past successful bar takers makes the study process more effective and removes frustration.

Your course includes membership in our private Community Group where you can ask questions, seek guidance, and participate in a safe conversation about the bar exam.
You'll also have access to our weekly Q&A webinar for registered students where we answer your questions about the exam and how to study.

Group Coaching Calls

Studying for the bar can be a very lonely process. But it doesn't have to be. 

Your course includes weekly group coaching calls...small groups of 10-15 students who connect via zoom video links to talk about their studies with one of our staff members.

These calls provide encouragement, motivation, direction, and support when you need it.


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If you’re dealing with how long it takes you to read and you want to cover more material in less time, this is for you. You'll learn how the amazing PhotoReading system can supercharge your study for the bar exam!


In this 25-minute video conference, you’ll learn the steps you need to follow to pass the bar exam...and how you can achieve your goal much faster than ever before.

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