Title: Rethinking Your Study Approach: 99 Days To Your Bar Exam Introduction  With slightly less than a

Title: Rethinking Your Study Approach: 99 Days To Your Bar Exam


With slightly less than a hundred days remaining to the next bar exam, it’s a bellwether point for many students. For others, the bar exam still feels like a distant event. Regardless of your anticipation, this period – which I fondly term the “dog days of bar review” – is crucial for preparation. If you have already initialized studying, good for you! If not, it’s high time to kick-start.

Beginning Your Bar Prep

A hundred days can seem like a fleeting moment for some, while others may perceive it as an eternity until the day of the bar exam. The bulk remains in the middle ground – finding it challenging to feel fully engaged in the process. It may be too far to feel the urgency yet, too scary not to prepare. Your comfort zone lies in pacing yourself, starting small and building up momentum as you progress towards the test day. 

**Tips For Successful Studies**

For those taking our course, it’s essential to adhere to your study plans and the suggested timelines for each assignment. Getting started now places you at an advantage compared to those who commence their studies much later and have to cram vast amounts of information in a limited period. 

Moreover, around this time, we typically start receiving results from prior bar exams. We have numerous resources on our site to keep you informed and even a podcast discussing these outcomes.

Better yet, we’ve uploaded interviews with successful bar exam takers sharing their experiences. Hearing their stories could be an excellent motivation for you – you can overcome just as they did!

**Understanding The Common Pitfalls**

It’s devastating to meet people who studied diligently for the bar exam and unfortunately failed. It’s even more disturbing that they can’t figure out why they failed the test. Many attribute their failure to inadequate studying while in reality, this is seldom the problem. More often than not, the failure lies in the approach used in studying and understanding the exam.

Indeed, it’s not about how much law you can memorize and recite but the ability to solve problems and make arguments on behalf of clients. Being a lawyer requires more than just memory skills. 

**Rethink Your Study Paradigm**

With a hundred days to the bar exam, it’s time to scrutinize and challenge your assumptions. If your habitual study methods haven’t yielded success up till now, perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Start by considering the bar exam from a fresh perspective. Ask yourself what knowledge and skills the examiners seek to test and gear your preparations in that direction.

Make every effort to transform your study approach if you want different results. The changes will invariably lead to success. So go out there, change your approach and make the most of these hundred bar review days.


Remember, just as you change a finished roll of toilet paper, it’s time for you to switch up your approach if it’s not working. Next week, we’ll dive further into effective strategies for studying for the bar exam. Stay focused, and don’t forget to keep on changing the toilet paper roll!

Happy studying!


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