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Hear from some of our successful California students on how Celebration Bar Review® helped them.

Make The NEXT Bar Exam the LAST Bar Exam!®

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An incredible Learning Experience

Make the NEXT California First Year Exam Your LAST FYLSE Exam!®

Learn ALL the testable laws of the California First Year Exam you need to pass!

Complete digital outlines for every subject of the California First Year Exam, plus targeted video and audio lectures to emphasize areas of importance.

  • Substantive outlines of the law for every subject on the California First Year Exam to give you the information and confidence you need to pass
  • Audio and Video Lectures for Every Subject on the California First Year Exam to tie concepts together and master the test
  • Step-by-Step Study Plan to keep you focused and on track. Flexible enough to meet any need!
  • Writing Workshops to show you the Proven, Effective Way to the Highest Scores on your California First Year Essays
  • Individual Writing Conferences are available as an upgrade.

Practice with Actual Bar Questions

Identify and learn key question patterns to deepen your knowledge with practice on actual California First Year Essay Exams and Multistate Bar Exam type questions.

  • Essay Writing Workshops with model answers and step-by-step instruction
  • Multiple Choice Practice and Strategies using over 600 actual Questions via an online app for realistic and helpful practice
  • Model and Sample Answers so you can see what is passing California First Year work – and what isn’t

What’s Included in the Course

Our FYLSE SUCCESS Course contains EVERYTHING you need to pass the California First Year Law School Exam. This course includes:

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4 Proven Steps to California First Year Exam Success

Your Success Begins With 4 Simple Steps:

Read the Law

Our outlines give you the important testable law in an easy-to-digest narrative format. Lots of examples and explanations - no frustrating fill-in-Our outlines give you the important testable law in an easy-to-digest narrative format. Lots of examples and explanations—no frustrating fill-in-the-blanks!the-blanks!

Listen & Watch

Every subject lecture is presented in a video format with the lecture transcript on the screen. Just listen and follow along for extra reinforcement of the key ideas in each subject!


Thousands of licensed questions and answers for each part of the exam, presented in a progressive, logical form to help you learn and refine your understanding of each subject!


Following a proven syllabus, review what you learned throughout the course using mind maps, repetition, and the power of intuition. Go to the California First Year Exam with confidence and pass!

Lifetime Pass Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will pass the Bar Exam with the CALIFORNIA FIRST YEAR EXAM SUCCESS COURSE that if you fail your exam for any reason, you can continue to study with us at NO CHARGE until you Pass – no matter how long it takes! There are no hidden conditions or requirements…and no other bar review makes this offer!

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“In 30 years of teaching the bar, I’ve never seen a tougher time for bar takers than right now.
But with the proven techniques we’ve developed for retakers, we are confident that we can help anyone pass the California First Year Exam, no matter how many times you’ve been unsuccessful before.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can upgrade to add 8, 10, or 15 individual video coaching calls. Each call is 30 minutes long and recorded for your later review. You can work with our Founder, Jackson Mumey, or one of our experienced Staff Coaches on your essays, and multiple choice questions.