A message from the Bigbox Bar Reviews: “You’re On Your Own”

A former ‘Bigbox’ bar review student sent me this description of their bar review experience …

complicated instructions
“B**b** was the equivalent of going to build a house, buying the supplies at Home Depot, but instead of giving it to a general contractor, they show up to your apartment the next day, drop it off with a calendar of what room needs to be built at the end of the day, every day, or you will fall behind and drown.”

Sounds lovely, eh?
The student went on to say, “I really like the individual attention you offer here with Celebration Bar Review.”

That’s our goal: to assist our students prepare in the way that’s best for them. It’s why I personally answer the phone and why we limit our course size to assure lots of individual attention.

If you’ve taken the bar before, what was your impression of your bar review provider? Did you feel overwhelmed and without direction? If so, consider a smaller, more personalized course. Work with a mentor you like and trust, someone with real teaching experience. It makes all the difference between confidence and frustration when you study.

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