The Broken California Bar Exam Needs Fixing

[PODCAST] There is a broken California Bar Exam system as the July 2018 California Bar Exam results demonstrated. Results were the lowest in history in spite of recent changes to the format and scoring structure.
Find out the details about what happened in July to make the results plunge again.
Then, Jackson identifies several specific changes that should be made to fix the broken California bar exam to make it a fair test that properly measures fitness to practice law. These suggestions would improve the reliability of the California Bar Exam while giving applicants a fair chance to pass and begin their legal careers.

The changes that Jackson recommends to improve a broken California bar exam include:
release Drafter Point Sheets to provide better guidance for retakers,
upgrade the quality and pay of the current Bar Graders,
releasing results in a timely manner to provide extra study time for retakers, and
reducing the cut score from its current 1440 mark to align it with other major jurisdiction passing scores.

Taken together, these changes could repair a broken California Bar Exam system and restore equity and fairness to the process.

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