Andre Verdun

I am speechless … I just found out that I passed the California Bar Exam. With your help and guidance – I can say that I passed the bar exam on my first try! Jackson – as a FRIEND first and a mentor, THANK YOU! I went to a California accredited law school with a historically low bar pass rate, and when I told people in my class I didn’t use the “big box” bar review course, they said that I might as well not show up to the bar exam because to pass I needed to “blend” in. They insisted I needed to use “buzz words” and “attack outlines” and honestly, those cautionary tales echoed in the back of my head so often, I had to routinely called you Jackson and talk to you for reassurance. Reassurance and guidance is that I received and I did what you said and never questioned it (not to say learning your method wasn’t a process). I tossed away everything I was told to do in law school and from those “big box” writing courses, and I did what you taught me! I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!! Once I learned the method, the essays and performance test were easy!! That only left the MBE and your method had my scoring high every time! Your writing style was different; it had me instantly analyzing facts even when I did not completely “memorized” the law. In fact, you method that never had me reciting elements or creating flash cards had me instantly focused on how to analyze and write! I had some really great classes in law school, among which was Constitutional law, that I learned so much that it really changed my thinking and understanding of things in day to day life. Your course for me was more than a bar review course, it was on par with the most important of law school courses because you showed me how to really analyze facts and law. Your new writing style steeped into my free-lance legal research memos and I was instantly getting positive feedback from that attorney about how much more effective my writing had become. You helped me see the big picture beyond the singular subject of torts, criminal law, and contract and when we were done I was about to step back and see the big picture and how it all fit together. Now, it’s time for a Celebration!