David Lehn

Thank you. Another successful student !!
I have been in practice for 33 years. Running an office and a practice and being in management for a 700 person worldwide law firm left NO time for studying. I listened to your Florida lectures a few times when I went for a run or was driving somewhere. Listening to these lectures was great to get me focused on the organizational aspects and gave me a certain confidence in taking the exam

Then the weekend before the exam I flew to Florida to study.   I only studied that weekend before the exam (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) . I studied only the Florida parts and thought I did great on Tuesday. Then I studied the multi-state Tuesday night and didn’t know how I did.  People that I know who are very smart didn’t finish. It seemed difficult.   Turned out my multi-state score was  better than my Florida score (probably because the Florida studying did carryover to the multi-state). I wouldn’t advise studying this way, but it worked !!!!!