Elyse Davidson

I’ve always used the motto third times a charm – I never thought it would hold true for me with taking the California Bar Exam. It took me three tries and excellent mentor in order to pass this exam.  
Jackson knows what he’s doing. First, his mentoring style adapts to the type of test-taker you are. I have several friends who used Jackson’s method, and in talking with them about the program, it’s interesting to note that we each got different coaching. 
Second, the material he has created makes convoluted law concepts easier to read as he puts common sense back into the practice of law. It almost feels like a novel you have read before which makes it easier to remember and apply. 
Finally, the way his program is structured allows you to go at your own pace. You never have to feel rushed because it’s on your own schedule which many other bar review courses lack in comparison. 
I used the STAR program and it changed my test taking style as well as my life. It employs techniques that successful people use in their careers and every day activities. The program helped me to build the confidence that I lacked in the previous exams. At the end of this whole experience, I actually made a friend in Jackson and I’m so grateful for the chance to have worked with him and extremely blessed know him.