James Forry

I want to thank you for providing me with the tools, skills and confidence to pass the Feb 2017 Florida Bar exam.  While I came to Florida with over 30 years of experience successfully practicing law and running a mid-sized law firm in Pennsylvania, the prospect of studying for and taking the Florida Bar exam was intimidating.  This was especially true for me as I only have vision in one eye.
The first dose of reality was when you explained that practicing law is not the same as preparing for and passing a bar exam. Your tutelage on how to write an acceptable bar exam essay was invaluable.  I found your materials were thorough and the accompanying lectures with your personal insights were “spot-on!”
Finally, while I was initially skeptical of your recommendation to learn PhotoReading, particularly because of my visual impairment, in order to assimilate the huge volume of materials required to be mastered for success on the MBE, your suggestion to utilize the PhotoReading process to study for and pass the multiple choice questions on the MBE, the Florida multiple choice and MPRE proved correct.
I cannot express how thrilled I am to be able to join my son in his law firm in Naples, Florida and assist him with his busy trial schedule.  You made a proud father’s dream a reality!
Thanks again. You are one of the best!”