John Haddy

While I graduated from law school in the middle of my class, I attempted the bar exam ten times without passing.  In preparing for my eleventh attempt I found Jackson and Celebration Bar Review.  I am very, very pleased to say that I PASSED THE FLORIDA BAR EXAM! I took Barbri and PMBR right after graduation and failed miserably.  While I’m hesitant to speak negatively of their materials and course plan, it simply did not work for me.  Jackson and Celebration Bar Review provide a comprehensive course with a personal touch that amounts to so much more. For me, the ability to talk through practice questions with Jackson made the biggest difference.  That is not to discount the quality of the materials, schedule or any other aspect of the course.  The bottom line is that Jackson has been doing this for several years and knows what buttons to push to get the best out of you.  You may submit a bad essay and he is tough on you, but you will see that he is fair.  More importantly, you will learn from your mistakes and not repeat them during the exam. Have faith, work hard, do what Jackson tells you to do and esquire will follow your name!