John Marchione

Passed with ease!!  Thank you again.  Together we have defeated NY, NJ and now FL.

I had my doubts as to how I would prepare for this one, but your program truly works.  For NY and NJ I was fresh out of law school with a lot of law still rolling around in my head.  That was three years ago, now I have two children, both under 4, and I work a full-time as an associate at a busy matrimonial practice in Manhattan.  When I officially decided to take the FL exam in late April / early May, you confidently assured me it could be done without causing me to panic.  I don’t know what it is about your soothing voice (with the exception of your hilariously-terrible fake New York impression), but it manages to be calming and informative at the same time.

During the break of the Florida specific portion of the exam, I was chatting with people who used other bar prep courses and they had no idea what was going to be tested on the multiple choice portion of the exam.  None.  They were chatting about topics which I knew were essay specific and would not appear on the multiple choice potion.  Your insight into the structure and grading of the exam is unmatched.  I feel like I walked into the exam knowing exactly what was going to be tested, which is a huge advantage both substantively and in terms of general moral and confidence. During the morning session when I flipped through the questions and saw the large trusts essay, a wave of confidence poured over me.  Because you know the exam so well, I had spent a weighted portion of time right before the exam on trusts and I am pretty sure I destroyed that essay.

With your guidance, I got a 161.2 on the MBE in 2011 and then three years later a 158.  The consistency there is not luck.  Your program works for students right out of law school and for attorneys taking the exam some time later.

You helped my wife pass two exams and now you have helped me pass three exams.  I just hope you are still doing this when our children graduate law school.  Thank you, again.