Juan Mendoza

I just wanted to check in with you regarding my bar score for the GA Attorney’s Exam. I have kind of an interesting story as background. My ex girlfriend decided to break up with me a couple of days before the bar, so it was not great timing to say the least. Somehow, though, I managed to bunker down and tried to focus for the exam. Your emails and videos leading up to the bar were very helpful and kept things in perspective. Anyway, the day of the exam came and I tried to keep calm and focus on the task at hand. I think the worst part was waiting for the results. My score was a 292, but for the attorney’s exam, it was a 157 (they automatically gave me a 135 for the MBE portion). 

Thanks again for your help; I thought studying for the bar while working would be awful, and it really was haha. I hated my life for a good three months, but at least I can now say I passed the GA bar.