Kathy Van Every

I just wanted to say, “thank you”. While I didn’t take advantage of Celebration Bar Review (only because I’d not heard of you until I’d already purchased a prep course), I did take advantage every weekend of your on line videos. Already licensed in Pennsylvania, since 2006 I wanted to get licensed in my adopted state of Texas. Finally made preparations last July to sit for this past February’s exam. So, juggling an extremely demanding job and squeezing in time to prepare since Christmas, I forged ahead. Your video’s I watched every Sunday really provided me with a great deal of encouragement. Especially your story about Gideon. The timing of that video was uncanny and the message resounding. I made several of my friends, who endured my preparation, watch it too.

Earlier this afternoon I learned, with great joy, that I had indeed passed the Texas Bar. So, suffering from jet lag (just got back from Japan on business) I find myself up late and thought about your videos and the help they provided me. So, thank you. And God bless!