Manisha Vadgama

I PASSED THE CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM THANKS TO CELEBRATION BAR!!!!! And I still can’t believe it!!!!  I failed the first time with Barbri and I was absolutely devastated.  In retrospect, Barbri works for some, but not for those who were in my situation. I attended a lower tier out of state school, and so I was already at a huge disadvantage when taking the bar exam.  After the first attempt, my friend (who had passed with Jackson) told me about him, and I decided to take a leap of faith, and put 100% of my trust and effort into him.  I did EVERYTHING JACKSON SAID TO DO!! I NEVER TOOK SHORT CUTS, AND I STAYED CALM AND NORMAL (well, for the most part, if I had a bad day, Jackson was there to snap me out of it).  His methods are genius!!!
At first it seems scary when you learn Jackson doesn’t “IRAC”, but his method is AMAZING because it is exactly what the bar examiners want!!  I ALSO LOVED THE AT HOME COURSE because I never felt rushed or that I was behind on my work(which I always felt with Barbri).  There were a handful of days where I couldn’t put in a full days work, or even work at all, and it was perfectly fine because his program is designed to fit YOUR SCHEDULE..

When I got to examination, I was sooo nervous, but I followed everything I learned in the past few months and wrote the exam exactly like we practiced!!! I felt SO MUCH MORE PREPARED, and I didn’t feel lost or confused like I did Round 1!!!  I noticed that SOOOO many kids were running out of time around me, but with Jackson’s method, I never ran out of time! In fact, I often finished with a few minutes to spare and could read over my answers!! 

What’s more amazing about this course is not only are his methods exactly what you need to pass the bar, his mentoring is beyond imaginable from a bar tutor.  After the first week with Jackson, it was like he knew me my whole life – meaning, he knew things about my studying habits, and he could already tell things about me that I personally needed to overcome.  I lost a lot of confidence after the first attempt, and Jackson helped me regain that, and trust myself again.  He also brought back the athlete in me by constantly reminding me to workout, and often used sports analogies to what it was I was feeling or going through!!!  I could have NEVER PASSED WITHOUT THIS COURSE!!! 

If you’re willing to put in the work, let your guard down, and trust Jackson with everything you have, then you WILL pass the CA bar exam!!!  I couldn’t be more happy, and I still cry every time I think about how I PASSED!!! THANK YOU JACKSON AND CELEBRATION BAR REVIEW!!!!!!! I will be eternally grateful!!!!!!!!!