Michelle’ Kim

Law school beat me up. I graduated from a top tier law school with a JD: and zero confidence in my ability to practice law. I took one bar exam after law school and waited 13 years (!) to try again, in a different state than my law school…. Talk about odds not being in my favor.  A forty something mother of two boys, suddenly faced whose husband’s illness made returning to work a necessity. But I passed. Talk about odds not being in my favor.  

Get this: I passed! Celebration gave me back to myself. Jackson Mumey is the father, the uncle with great stories, the trusted family friend, for the rest of us – Suspending judgement, he lit the path. All I had to do was do EVERYTHING he said do. 

I am now practicing law. And not one day feels like work because I am living my dream. I am helping others while providing for my family…. Simply put: Choosing Celebration Bar Review was the single finest decision I’ve made.