Taurus Bailey

I have known Jackson for a couple of years. I am a licensed attorney in Tennessee. When I first took the bar exam, I signed up for several big box courses years ago, that did not adopt to my way of learning and I received no personal attention. This is not the way of Celebration Bar Review.

The way of learning should be flexible, not rigid. Some people need more structure, more guidance, more exercises and some people need to “learn” how to learn and not be trapped in the rigid marching of memorizing and doing practice questions. What impressed me about Jackson Mumey’s courses, including the Star Program, is that not only are the courses strategically and psychologically adept for maximum results but they utilize a contrarian approach without the burnout of senseless over-burn from exercises. People do not learn from just doing thousands of drills and Celebration Bar Review recognizes this through multiple programs including the wonderful Photoreading which I now use in my personal life and my law practice.