FREE Webinar: Now Is The Best Time To Take The Bar Exam

Over the last few days in response to the requests from students and others we recognized that it was important to talk about the strategy of how to study for the July, 2020 bar exam in particular, and so I created a brand new from the ground-up Webinar. The Webinar is titled, “NOW is the Best Time to Take the Bar Exam: Why You Should Ignore the Crowd and the Fear.”

We ran this Webinar live a couple of times and got great response and I’m really excited that we’re now going to make this available to the public.

Now, this is a completely FREE training. It’s less than an hour in length, and I’m going to be doing a live question and answer at the end of the training to answer any questions you’ve got about how to study in light of C-19, but the real purpose of the Webinar is to explain the insight and strategy that we think is going to make a huge difference for people that choose to take the exam in July.

Now to register you can do it very simply.
Go to . We’re also going to put a button where you can  sign up , and even if you can’t make it  go ahead and register. We’ll send a recording of the presentation to everyone that signs up.

And then I will do a live question and answer for about 15 minutes at the end to take up any questions that have come up during the presentation. So you’re going to be getting the best information that we can provide, and a LIVE Q&A, and again, it’s completely free.

Go to or click on the link in the notes and we’ll talk about why we think it’s critically important that you sit for the exam and move forward. Even in the face of everything that’s going on right now, we honestly believe this is the very best time to be taking the bar exam.


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