Group Coaching For The Bar Exam

[PODCAST] Roundtable discussion with our Group Coaches! Great conversation about the bar exam and how group coaching makes such a big difference for our students. 

If you’ve felt isolated or alone while studying for the bar, here’s the answer! Joining a group for coaching and support while you prepare for the exam can make all the difference to your result, as these three bar exam veterans explain.

Find out how Group Coaching works in the Celebration Bar Review course, and why so many of our students think it’s one of the most important benefits of their membership.

You’ll hear from 3 successful Celebration Bar Review bar exam takers who are now coaches and mentors about how they prepare for their group sessions, the importance of accountability to group members and the value of encouragement for students as they go through the study process.

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Interview with Kelly Perkins Kildam
Interview with Evelyn Jimenez
Interview with Amanda Miljenovic


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