No Traffic Jams Along the Extra Mile

extra mile fb cover

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s tough for me to go the “extra mile.” Then I saw this great quote from Roger Staubach: “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Ouch. That really hit home (and from a Dallas Cowboy, ugh!).

Bar exam students usually feel pretty overwhelmed and stressed out. That’s normal. But I wanted to find a way to help those students unwind just a bit, not feel so alone or disconnected.

And that’s why I created a special Facebook group: “The Extra Mile.”
It’s a place where current bar takers, former bar takers and future bar takers can gather for information, discussion and support. Plus, I’ve got some special goodies to add for group members that I know will make studying easier and more productive for you.

The Extra Mile is a “private” group. That means you need to be approved to join. No big deal. Just click here and I’ll add you to the group. Once you’re a member feel free to chat with others, ask for advice and offer suggestions. Go the Extra Mile with me and together, let’s Celebrate Your Bar Exam Success!


P.S. The Extra Mile Study Group page is for anyone interested in the bar exam. There’s no cost and no obligation. Please join today and let’s see where the road takes us 🙂


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