Study Safely at Home for the Bar Exam

As Coronavirus causes shutdowns and disruptions, it makes more sense than ever to study safely at home for the Bar Exam. In fact, for many bar takers, it may present a distinct advantage over traditional study methods.

So while bar takers are wondering what social distancing means for their study and tests, according to the NCBE, the July 2020 Bar Exams are still scheduled and the Feb 2020 Exam results should be released on time.

We look at the challenges – and the advantages – of studying at home for the bar exam. Our conclusion: In these uncertain times, it’s still possible to study safely at home for the bar exam and pass. Watch this panel of experts from Celebration Bar Review as they discuss how to study safely at home in this excerpt from their live Q&A session with students held recently.

Find out why we believe this is the BEST time to take the Bar Exam and how students in our course can study safely at home for the bar exam with all the support and tools needed to pass.

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