Why It’s Important To Be Uncomfortable Now For Bar Exam Success Later

As you get closer to the bar exam, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable, but there’s a way to use that feeling now to your advantage for later success on the bar exam. In this Episode, Jackson explains 5 ways that being uncomfortable now can lead to passing your exam.

Here’s why it’s important to be uncomfortable now:

  1. It’s still a long time to the exam and you don’t have to plateau yet
  2. Being uncomfortable forces you to focus and concentrate on your study
  3. The pressure of the test helps avoid the inevitable desire to coast near the end of your preparation
  4. As you become conditioned to being uncomfortable, you are de-sensitized to the pressure of the exam
  5. Acknowledging and embracing the uncomfortable avoids anxiety paralysis and separates you from those who are unsuccessful on the test.

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