The Voice of Cynicism for Bar Takers

Our brain’s three “Voices” can harm our ability to make changes necessary to succeed on the Bar Exam. Voice #2: The Voice of Cynicism. Here’s how to manage the voice that says we are not loved or accepted when studying to pass the bar exam.

The Voice of Cynicism is connected to our “Mammalian” Brain and seeks acceptance and love. When we try to learn or do new things, this Voice attempts to protect us, but in doing so, may keep us from growing.

When you learn to manage the Voice of Cynicism through gratitude, kindness and forgiveness, you will find a willingness to explore new ideas and try new approaches. For bar exam takers, this quality is critical to moving from a failing score to passing!

Part One: The Voice of Fear
Part Three: The Voice of Judgement

Tools to Help:
Paraliminal Recordings (Affiliate)
Audio Meditation (Affiliate)

For more information, visit Learning Strategies and Centerpointe Research Institute websites


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