When Should I Start Studying for the Bar Exam?

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The Short Answer is: NOW

To be prepared for the 2021 Bar Exams you should begin your studies as soon as possible.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should start studying for the bar exam now:

  1. You will need 250+ hours of study time. Begin now and it’s manageable. Wait until the summer is over and well…you know, it won’t be pretty.
  2. You’ll learn better in small doses over time than by ‘cramming.’ Here’s a video I produced on that subject
  3. You’ll build better habits for study and test-taking. The longer you can practice, the more automatic your performance will become. Think ‘Spring Training.’
  4. You can focus and spend quality time on harder subjects and concepts. The reality is that speeding your way through a 6-week cram course will inevitably leave you with gaps in your understanding and knowledge. By studying at your own pace you control the depth of study on each subject and can be sure you understand the harder materials and not waste time with easier concepts.

You may be thinking that you just have too much on your plate right now to begin studying. That’s ok. A little bit of study (10 hours per week) is plenty if you begin early, and it avoids the insanity of 70 hour study weeks in January and February.

Now get going and expect to succeed. You can do it!

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