Here’s a photo of us and our 2 children heading to school at Georgetown Law Center in the

the beginnings of Celebration Bar Review

Here’s a photo of us and our 2 children heading to school at Georgetown Law Center in the 1980’s. I know, we look pretty unsophisticated – and we were. When I completed my JD 3 years later, I wasn’t able to attend my Graduation Ceremony because I already had a job in Florida and needed to be in Miami to study for the bar.

So I left Sara and the kids back in DC and for 6 long weeks I immersed myself in the bar exam. By myself. Long hours, sleepless nights, no guidance, no support. Just sheer, raw terror. And it sucked. And you know what, for a lot of bar takers since then, nothing’s changed. But today, there’s Celebration Bar Review – and that was the game changer. So, how did it happen?

In 1994, Sara and I looked back at that ‘Summer of Misery’ as we called it and thought, “There must be a better way to do bar review.” So we set out to find a way to bring the bar review home – to create a Celebration Bar Review.

The First Steps To Celebration Bar Review

And so we created home study bar review. First with audio cassette tapes and photocopied books, later with iPods and then iPads, today with 24/7 access from any internet capable device and with full lecture series, on-demand print books, online searchable pdf files and question banks with thousands of questions and answers, and much more.

And mentoring. Oh yeah, when I took the bar there was no such thing. No one to help you with your writing. No one to explain what the bar examiners were looking for. No one to keep you on track and making progress. So we created mentoring programs that range from minimal assistance to total packages of support. We created a daily email series for our students, Facebook communities for all bar takers, YouTube video lectures , a Successful Test Application Resources package, and now a twice-weekly Podcast.

So when people ask me why we started Celebration Bar Review, the answer is actually pretty simple. We want you to Celebrate passing the bar exam with the people that matter to you right beside you and then get on with the rest of your life.

And we’ve been doing just that for 20 years and for thousands of people around the world. We’d like to be part of your ‘Celebration’ too.

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