Questions For The California Bar Examiners

Five days before the July 2019 California Bar Exam, an email was sent from the California Bar Examiners to 16 California Law School Deans informing them of the exam topics for the test. The fallout since that revelation became public has been intense and significant.

There was initial confusion, followed several days later by a release of the exam topics to all applicants, an apology from the Californa Bar Examiners (since removed), and an investigation was ordered by the California Supreme Court to determine what actually happened. 

One immediate result was that over 700 applicants (8%) withdrew from the Exam and requested refunds. The Exam was held as planned and the topics were in fact the ones described in advance to the Deans.

In this Episode, Jackson explains more of what happened, what has not yet been revealed, and the implications of the California Bar Examiners actions for the future. If you’re a California Bar Taker, you will want to know this information!

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