First Look At The July 2019 Bar Exams

Here’s what students told us about their July 2019 Bar Exams…

The July 2019 Bar Exams are finished but there’s plenty left to discuss! From the California topic release fiasco to the odd subject matter choices in Florida, this was an unusual exam season. Two of Celebration Bar Review’s Group Coaches join Jackson to break down the early reports from the test sites in California, Florida, the UBE and the MBE.

We take a deeper look at the early release of bar exam topics in California, the implications of that decision and what still needs to be discovered and changed for the future.

In Florida, we saw a strange choice of essay subjects, including two questions that were potentially inappropriate and certainly troubling.

In the UBE, there were 6 essay topics plus 2 MPTs. We explore those subjects and offer feedback we heard from bar takers around the country.

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[Recorded on] 08/06/2019


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