Crowd Funding is all the rage these days, and rightly so. Letting the crowd share in the

Crowd Funding is all the rage these days, and rightly so. Letting the crowd share in the development and promotion of a new product or service makes great sense.
But Crowd Studying?…Whoa, that’s a whole different matter.
follow the leader
What is Crowd Studying?

In the context of the bar exam, Crowd Studying means to do what nearly everyone else is doing. And frankly, that means following the ‘BigBox’ Bar Review Course…sometimes right over the edge of the cliff.

You see, the national pass rate on the bar exam is currently hovering around 50%. In large states like California and New York, the official state pass rates are in the 30-40% range. With over 90% of bar takers nationally taking one of the 2 Big Box Courses, it’s easy to see that their pass rates are pretty awful.

And here’s where Crowd Studying gets ugly – if you’re in those courses, only about half of you will pass the bar exam. You’re all doing the same thing and in Darwinian fashion, only the strong survive.

But there is an alternative. Take an independent bar review course like Celebration Bar Review and you have a  higher chance of passing based on our 20-year track record across the country. Now, instead of having to outshine everyone doing the exact same thing you’re doing, you’ve got a different path and approach to the test with a much, much higher success rate.

Instead of following the crowd, you avoid it – and the attendant failure rate that comes with being one of the herd.

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