MBE Singles

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No, it’s not a dating site for bar takers but MBE Singles is a new offering from Celebration Bar Review that you are going to LOVE!

Does this describe you? As the Bar Exam gets closer, you know that there’s a subject or two on the MBE that you’re still struggling with. Or maybe your ‘BigBox’ Bar Review Course didn’t do a great job explaining a topic and you need a better lecture or outline (one without blanks). Or you just need some new practice questions and answer explanations for an MBE subject.We’ve got you covered! Our newest offering: MBE Singles provides you with Unlimited Access to Video Lectures, PDF Outlines, 100 sample MBE Questions and Answers. Use any internet connected device and you’re ready to study! And, our Introductory Price of only $99.95 per subject makes this an affordable supplement for any bar student.To order, just visit our Facebook Page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/59781207920_10153005305542921  and type the word “Buy” in the Comments to the Post. You’ll be directed to a quick checkout and be studying in minutes! Best of all, you can return to your Singles Page as often as you wish.And if you’re looking for a full service bar review, we’ve got that too. Just click here for details.Either way, we know you’re going to love the direct presentation, clear information and great practice resources we offer. If you’d like to know more about the Bar Exam, click the button below for our FREE Guide: “How to Study for the Bar Exam.” It’s packed with resources and tips to help you pass your bar exam!Click Here to Receive Your FREE eBook: “How to Study for the Bar Exam”


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