Why It’s Hard To Get Started

[PODCAST] If you’re finding it difficult to get started with your bar exam study, you’re not alone! In this Episode, Jackson explains why it’s so hard to begin and what you can do to break through and start a productive study program to pass the bar.

Topics covered in this episode:
The Number One thing that keeps bar students from starting their studies…even when they know they must! The bar exam is a psychological challenge as well as a mental obstacle. If you understand what’s keeping you from being able to get started, you can gain a mastery of your emotions and move towards your goal.

The Habits you have to build to get beyond the barriers and obstacles in your study plan…and how to make them effortless! By using implementation intentions and habit stacking, you can create a seamless process to study on a regular basis.

The Most Effective Tools to overcome procrastination…and why they work so effectively for bar takers! You’ll learn why we recommend paraliminal recordings and audio meditation for simple and effective solutions to the challenge of how to get started.

If you’re stuck and can’t get started… this Episode will help get you on track and studying productively for your bar exam. The reality is that almost everyone struggles with how to get started with their studies…but the successful bar takers are those who learn how to defeat procrastination and work productively.

 Links to the Tools and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:
Paralminal Pack
Holosync Audio Meditation
Muse Meditation Feedback (affiliate link)

Atomic Habits by James Clear (affiliate link)

For More Information:
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