Florida Results Feb 2019

Florida Bar Results from Feb 2019 have been released. Here’s our initial recap and first takes on the results. Conversation with Jackson Mumey and Kelly Kildam of Celebration Bar Review [Recorded Live]

Recap: The first time taker Florida Results were 59%. The historical repeat taker pass rate is 28% and we expect the ultimate overall pass rate to be about 40%.

Florida does not report repeat taker results contemporaneously so it will be some time before we know the exact numbers, but based on recent history, it appears that the overall Florida Bar Exam scores have continued their recent decline.

While that’s bad news overall, we can also report that our Celebration Bar Review students have Florida scores that were very positive in Feb 2019. Both first-time takers and repeat takers are reporting passing results at higher rates than the comparable state averages.

Florida Official Pass Rate

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