Information vs Instruction

feedbackI had a conversation with a potential bar review student today.  During our conference, the student described their frustration with one of the ‘big box’ bar review courses and the lack of personalized writing instruction provided in that course. The bar taker had received lots of information but almost no instruction, and as a result, was baffled by what to do to improve the writing and submit passing work.

I explained that many of the essay graders in those large courses are simply given answer templates and asked to look for key words and then assign a grade. That’s not very helpful to someone who’s trying to understand how to write a passing essay and what needs to be done with their specific work to make that happen.

That’s one reason we keep our course size small. I know each of our students and for those in our Personal, Premium or Platinum Mentoring Courses, I’m reviewing work in individual one-to-one writing conferences. There’s simply no substitute for this kind of personalized instruction, and as my now-rueful potential student pointed out, “I did so much work and received so little back.”

If that describes your situation, and you’d like to know more about “How to Make the NEXT Bar Exam Your LAST Bar Exam,” I invite you to join me on this Thursday’s free webinar. Just click the box below to register. You’ll find that there’s a HUGE difference between information and instruction!

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