You feel happy to the level of how much control you have in all areas of your

Make the NEXT Bar Exam the LAST Bar Exam
It wasn’t that many years ago, I was really frustrated with how my students were progressing.

It seemed one exam rolled into the next. Too many students just kept grinding down without passing their exams.

Many of them went into the exam contemplating “what did I really achieve on this test?” and didn’t feel fully satisfied that they operated at their best.

Fortunately, a mentor of mine at the time helped me really understand a profound universal law known as the law of control. The law of control states:

You feel happy to the level of how much control you have in all areas of your life, and you feel unhappy when you are not in control of all areas of your life. 

At the time of learning this, I saw that many bar takers simply didn’t have complete control of their lives or their studies.  Some seemed to ‘wing’ a lot of things.  Often I would find them doing things randomly, week by week without any real planning for the medium to long term goal of passing the bar.

Because they were losing control in their studies, it was also having a BIG effect on other areas of their life. Many were not exercising as much as they could have been, othere were not spending as much time with family and friends and yes – I could also see that some had lost control in work and other areas as well!

My mentor helped me learn that in order to have an incredible year, we need to first develop an incredible plan.

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Since applying this plan for my students, I’ve seen them go
FROM: Chaos
TO: Control
FROM: Struggling to keep on top of things and out of balance
TO: Completely balanced and feeling really happy with life
FROM: Feeling really frustrated and dissatisfied and working on low value ‘stuff’
TO: Feeling motivated, relaxed and working only on high value activities
FROM: Angry and depressed
TO: Passing the Bar!

They were able to achieve this shift because they learned how to ‘finish their study before it started.’  This made all the difference to them and it can to you as well.  I guarantee it! The webinar is called “How to Make the NEXT Bar Exam The LAST Bar Exam You’ll Ever Take.”  The 5 fundamental shifts that will guarantee that the NEXT Bar Exam will be the one you pass.

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On this live training with me you will discover:-
* The number one place you should start when it comes to planning (HINT: Its got nothing to do with law study)
* The 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of all exam takers and how you can plan to implement this into your study plan
* How to ensure your motivation holds for the entire bar season, and doesn’t fade when studies get hard and tedious AND
* The number one way to finally get leverage in your test taking preparation My students’ results – and more importantly their lives – completely turned around with this information.

Now it’s your turn. Come along and make the NEXT Bar Exam the last one you need to Pass.
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