Here's what was tested on the July 2014 bar exams as students are reporting back from their

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Here’s what our students are telling us about their exams…

UPDATE:  The failure of ExamSoft to allow uploading of computer exams Tuesday from applicants was the big story of this exam. As far as we can tell, everyone was ultimately able to upload their exams. The impact of a long, stressful night for bar takers and what it may mean on the MBE will be unknown for some time. We’ll continue to keep you updated here and on our Facebook page


Day One (we correctly predicted 5 of the 6 primary essay subjects)

  • Contracts Remedies
  • Evidence (Federal)
  • CA Professional Responsibility/Corporations

Day Two

  • Crim Pro
  • Trusts / Community Property
  • Torts (Negligence)

Performance Tests

  • Objective memo – analyze and discuss how our client was not in violation of zoning ordinance and thus did not need to comply with the notice of abatement
  • Persuasive brief in opposition to defense motion to vacate amended final decision and award in arbitration

“I was well prepared for all the subjects, thanks to you…”

Second session of essays went as perfectly as I could imagine. Everything just flowed great on all questions and I was able to time the questions to almost on the dot per hour. This was defintely my best session on the Calfornia section…”


Essays (we correctly predicted ALL of the exam topics for essays and multiple choice)

  • Contracts/ UCC 3 (Negotiable Instruments)/ and Ethics Crossover
  • Contracts/ Torts(?) / and Ethics Crossover*
  • Trusts

*A lot of ambiguity over Q 2. Some people saw it as a Torts essay, others thought it was Contracts. Everyone seemed to agree that there was an Ethics crossover

Multiple Choice

  • Civ/Crim Pro
  • Evidence
  • Business Entities

“Great job on your predictions Jackson! I’m really glad you forced me to do that Trusts essay. Feeling cautiously optimistic…”

“Essays and multiple choice were predictable based on what you had stated…The techniques you taught me were phenomenal…”

I felt so confident with my essays using the FLA method. Your video on the FL bar predictions that you put up about 3 weeks ago nailed everything I needed to focus on leading up to today. It was my guide and I feel very good about it. I’ve never said that about this exam before but I truly feel confident that my essays were well written, answered the call of the question, and were in FLA format because of your preparation.”

“I am so happy…Followed the FLA on the essays, went a bit over on the first one but had time to do them all. As always, wish I could have had more time to include more things but I do believe I hit all the talking points needed and not just vomit the law but actually applied it and argued both sides.”

The FL multiple choice were especially difficult as expected. Even after studying corporations and business entities, I still felt like many of the questions and answers were tedious and asked about obscurities.”

You were right on with your predictions. You were also correct in that the state multiple choice were so hard.”

New York

Essays: (we predicted ALL 5 subjects that were tested)

  • Crim
  • Corporations with Civ Pro crossover (SOF), Evidence
  • Wills, Trusts
  • Domestic Relations
  • Torts (negligence) with CPLR crossover

MPT : Family Medical Leave Act, Statutory Interpretation, Demand Letter

“It was paint by numbers today…I just followed your directions on writing essays”

“You predicted all 5 essays correctly…awesome!”


  • Corporations (LLCs, shareholder rights) /Wills/Property
  • Con Law (1st Amend, Establishment Clause)
  • Dom Rel (common law marriage)/Trusts/Evidence
  • Torts (negligence, leash laws)
  • MPT 1: Ethics and Contracts
  • MPT 2: Family Medical Leave Act, Statutory Interpretation

 “Two surprises…testing common law marriages in the Domestic Relations essay and the leash law in Torts…”

Uniform Bar Exam/Multistate Essay Exam

  • Contracts
  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Civ Pro
  • Corporations
  • Crim Law/Procedure
  • MPT 1: Ethics and Contracts
  • MPT 2: Family Medical Leave Act, Statutory Interpretation

“…the topics were well covered by your course”

“there was an essay that was very similar to what I had practiced in your course. I used my PhotoReading skills to bring back my response. Needless to say, I was pretty happy about that!”

Multistate Bar Exam

All 6 MBE Topics were on the Exam. Some students indicated that there were some Civil Procedure questions (that would have been for evaluation purposes only) included as well

“Noticed on the MBE, they did seem to test multiple times, if my memory serves me correctly, issues that crossed between Civil/Constitutional issues….remember thinking to my self…”oh they’re getting ready for next year!!”.

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