Although there's some anxiety around the new 7th topic for the MBE there's reason to believe Fed

You probably know that there’s a new subject on the Multistate Bar Exam in 2015: Federal Civil Procedure & Jurisdiction. Perhaps that’s giving you some anxiety and concern, but I don’t think it’s actually such a bad change.

[box type=”download”] Click here to download your FREE copy of the Civ Pro & Jurisdiction Subject Guide for the MBE[/box] In this short video (see link above) I explain my reasons, but here’s a quick summary:

  1. The addition of a new topic reduces the importance of the remaining 6 topics by 6 questions each. That means fewer ‘marginal’ questions and fewer questions in areas that may be problematic for many bar takers…
  2. Federal Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction is a topic with a far narrower scope than many MBE subjects like Property, Contracts, Torts, etc. That means it’s easier to narrow down and focus your study on what will be tested…
  3. The topic is primarily statutory in nature, and so, like Evidence, it’s more manageable and easier for many bar takers than more abstract topics like Crim and Con Law…
  4. This is a topic with real-world application. If you’re a practitioner or have been around the practice of law, you probably already have some experience with this subject

For many years, we’ve taught this subject as part of our State Bar Review courses, so we’re comfortable and familiar with the scope and type of problems that the examiners are likely to ask. Our MBE course is ready now for 2015 and contains Federal Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction lectures, outlines and sample questions.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what this new topic brings to the test and with our help, confident on test day that you can manage and succeed!



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