NY and Texas Feb 2019 Bar Exam Results

[PODCAST BONUS] The NY and Texas Feb 2019 Bar Exam results are out and in this Bonus edition of the Podcast, Jackson breaks down the numbers and offers his take on the results.

You’ll also hear about his strategies to overcome failing results in both states plus a special look at the bar results statistics as the press is reporting. There’s a lot of misleading data in the news and Jackson shows what you should be looking for as you read through the media stories about Bar Exam Results.

Links to the articles mentioned in the Podcast:

Data Snapshot: A Look at the Falling Bar Passage Rates in Five US States

February Multistate Bar Exam Scores Inch Up After a Five-Year Slide

The Big Fail: Why Bar Pass Rates Are Sinking to Record Lows

Bar pass rate for 2016 law grads shows little movement; which law schools did best?

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