NCBE Testing Task Force: Choices Ahead For The Bar Exam

Six months ago, the NCBE created a Testing Task Force to study the bar examination. Among the goals were to look at whether the exam tests applicants fairly and comprehensively for their career as lawyers.

The first Phase of the Testing Task Force has been completed and in this Episode, Jackson reviews the highlights and offers comments about the possibilities raised by the study.

Focus of the Testing Task Force study so far include:
Delivery and Administration

The first phase of the Study was conducted through ten listening sessions with over 400 Bar Exam Administrators, Educators and Staff. It was designed to elicit feedback on three major questions:

  1. What aspects of the current bar exam should be kept and why?
  2. What aspects of the current bar exam should be dropped or modified and why?
  3. What should the next generation of bar exams be?

While the Testing Task Force explicitly notes that the sessions were “intended to serve as a starting point…[they] should not be viewed as signaling any decisions regarding future changes.”

This Podcast Episode breaks down the responses from the view of bar takers and offers our assessment of the results to date.

Links in this Episode:

Phase 1 Report of the Testing Task Force
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The Future Of The Bar Exam (Above The Law)
Link to Task Force Survey: Phase 2

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