5 Things You Can Do While You Wait For Bar Exam Results

We’ve entered the “waiting season” for bar exam results. If you’re tempted to resume your studies or continue to replay the exam in your mind, don’t do it. Instead, here are 5 practical things you can do that will make the wait bearable.

Check out this Expert Advice from Jackson Mumey, founder of Celebration Bar Review and mentor to thousands of successful bar takers. He advises that instead of worrying while you wait for bar exam results, you can put the time to good use by flushing the bar exam out of your brain and returning to your life, reconnecting with family, friends and work.

And for those who feel they may have failed the exam, this time can be spent productively doing the legwork and research to investigate other preparation options. The goal is to be ready to resume study if necessary without so much recovery time after results are released.

Making the most of the time while you wait for bar exam results is an important transition into the next phase of your bar journey, wherever it may lead. Use the time wisely and benefit!

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