Big Changes for the NY Bar Exam

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The announcement was made this week that the NY Bar Exam will be changing format beginning with the July 2016 exam. The change will result in the NY specific portions of the test being removed and replaced with the Uniform Bar Exam (“UBE”).
This makes the NY Exam the newest UBE jurisdiction and will be a welcome change for most bar takers as it removes topics like CPLR, NY Wills, NY Domestic Relations etc from the test along with the NY multiple choice questions section. The Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”) will still be part of the test along with the Multistate Performance Test.
The good news for Celebration Bar Review students is that we’ve been preparing students for the UBE since its inception and have a great track record of success. We’re ready for students to begin studying for the new July 2016 exams as soon as they desire (especially helpful for foreign trained attorneys) and confident that these changes will be beneficial for every bar taker!

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