When the Feb 2015 Bar Exams finished, our students wrote to us. Here are some samples of

When the Feb 2015 Bar Exams finished, our students wrote to us. Here are some samples of their feedback about the exam and their experience with Celebration Bar Review…

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California Student Comments:

  “Thank you very much for the experience Jackson. I enjoyed the course and I am not disappointed about any aspect of it.”    “Looks like your predictions are coming true. We had Contracts & Sales (UCC), with remedies, Real Property, and Federal Civil Procedure. I went over by only two minutes in the first hour, and finished about 3 minutes before time was called. For the Performance Test on Tuesday  there were Shades of Professional Responsibility in a stock transfer fact pattern in which an attorney found himself potentially liable as an escrow agent because he held the stocks, promissory note and agreement pending payment of the first down payment from his client. When things started sliding southwards, his client deposited the money after the due date and tried to pressure him into sending his company the stocks while the other side threatened to sue him. On Thursday, Question 4 was Property Remedies. It involved a sale of one of two adjoining pieces of land, with an easement, slight mistake in naming a road (both parties had the right road but named another nearby road on the sale). Seller is breaching because he got a greater offer. He also wants to cut down some 100-year old trees which were a part of the contract. Equitable and Legal remedies. Question 5 was Business Associations (Partnership) and Tort (libel against a major league baseball player). Question 6 was a testamentary trust with 3 consecutive wills in a fight. The Performance Test was a persuasive memo of Points and Authorities on an evidence suppression problem.” “MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have to thank you Jackson because your guidance, techniques and sometimes harsh words on my bar prep performance stayed in my mind throughout.  Oh, and sorry that you had to chide me so, but that reminder not to fall back on past habits particularly at the end of bar prep kept the concentration and focus throughout the test.  That is why this one was the most draining I have ever gone through.  I wrote differently according to the instructions and I think the extra performance tests I did in your program along with your words reminding to write with the right purpose made them successful. AGAIN thank you I feel good about this bar.”   I took the CA Bar with other people from my firm who used B**B** and I felt much better about how I did than they did.  I think your concept of conflict pairs is superior to the big bar reviews (which I used just out of school) to remain focused on what is relevant and what the examiners want you to write.Working full time, your audio lectures and workshops were very helpful to listen to and work through on weekends and evenings.”   Thank you for the support and encouragement during the cal bar. I especially appreciate the spiritual message string. It did help me to be centered and balanced. I was more at peace and oceanic than at any of the other exams. Peace and blessings to you and all your team.”   “Thanks for your materials, the lectures and all the essays and audio discussions of the essays were very helpful, particularly as I was studying while working full time.” Click Here to Receive Your FREE eBook: “How to Study for the Bar Exam”

Florida Student Comments:

“Florida essays were Domestic Relations, U. S. Constitution, Property/Inheritance.  Dom. Rel. included Separation with Benefits alternative so I added a “dependency” analysis saying Husband should get time sharing since he had not been found to be withholding the enumerated necessaries from children so as to be an unfit parent (figured I might as well use all that somewhere).

Examinees expressed a good deal if dissatisfaction with the FL Multiple Choice questions.  Lots of intestate succession (down to doing the calculations to choose among those listed as answers) and Florida business entities nits to pick (e.g., one choice was which of these four do FLorida not-for-profit corporations have – three directors?)  Much more of that level of detail compared to the July 2014 test.

I was able to spend more prep time for this one, so I am “comfortably confident”

“I write to offer my thanks for getting me across the line in this one of the most challenging parts of my 71 years. I have no idea whether I passed or failed, but I know that with your help I had all the resources necessary to pass the Florida Bar.”

“Your predictions on the essays were pretty much right on. I felt prepared and relieved by the essays. I clearly passed that part of the exam with ease.

As predicted the FLA m/c were horrible and the mood was very different following the afternoon session. I think everyone felt defeated by these questions and we were all surprised to see wills there. 

 The MBE felt fine, but there were many questions I was uncertain of, but that seems to always be the case and the scores generally bear out fine.

Overall, I’m feeling confident.”

“I don’t want to do this test ever again. I really appreciate your work, your words of wisdom and most of all your prayers. I most definitely recommend your course to everyone that have to take the BAR exam.”

“I want to thank you for everything.  I know we did not speak that much but as we discussed before things are just crazy and I do study best in solitude.  The exam felt different this time.  Everything seemed to flow this time.  When I got in all four sessions I was a bit nervous and anxious but then after I sat down and said the Christ in me greets the Christ in you and I did my relax I got focused.  I would Photoread the questions when I opened the tests and let my inner mind get a preview and start working on the answers.  I was able to do all of the questions and only had to go back on 2 or 3 questions in the multiple choices.  I was surprised that there were a few repeat multiple choice questions from previous years.  Yes I also Photoread all of the multiple choice questions Monday night just to have them and the explanations in my head.  Thanks to Photoreading I was able to read all of my books at least 4 times and listened to all of the lectures.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the course. I know that if I pass, it would be because of the course, thanks.”

“All in all, it was a terrible experience, but I believe  you prepared me well, pass or fail. So thanks for the considerable help.”

“I wanted to thank you for the messages you sent during the exam.  I read them and appreciate the prayers, encouragement and support from you and your staff.”  

Georgia Student Comments:

“I first want to send you my MOST sincere thank you for all your much needed guidance and for your endless support and encouragement for this test!! It’s over. I can’t believe it!!

Now the test. I am proud that I went into it very calm and collected. I finished both MPTs within time, taking longer on the first than on the second. I wrote the MPTs just like you taught me how to write. For the essays, still went in confident because we have done essays forever and I have been Photoreading forever and just before the exam. I found the questions to be pretty difficult, but I gave it my best shot. I can say with certainty that at least 3 of my essays were solid, but I completed the last with running out of time.

I then got over myself for day two because I was so confident for the MBEs!!! Excited even!! I thought the MBEs were very difficult as well!”

NY/NJ Student Comments:

“A quick story from the first day of the Albany NY  test site.  I was thinking of you on the first day of the exam while waiting on line to get checked initially. -here is why–The young woman just behind me was freaking out and going through lists “in her head” which was actually out loud -sad but true. She then looked up and started a conversation of ranting about how her bar review said “definitely so and so would be an essay today and ….bla bla bla, the woman informs me this guy said definitely remember the indelible rights”—she literally was incoherent and scared, poor thing. It got worse for her when she inquired whether  I thought the B**B** course really helped prepare me and was I going to use the trick … (honestly I couldn’t follow her rant ) …and I looked at her and simply said I did not take that “big box course -I studied with my mentor at home with my review course but that I was confident today would be just fine with no surprises.  She paled, literally, and the woman in front of me said “you know Jackson?” I said Yes -you can tell?  She said “yes you’re smiling!”  I said “you too and have a peaceful day” and we parted knowing we had a confidence and a sense of peace that these others did not have in the chaos of that morning.   Poor thing behind me talked to herself the entire 20 minutes on that line and my comrade winked at me past the checkpoint … we knew we knew enough-  thanks for all the extras, Jackson!”

“Your course is a gift–intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I truly enjoyed learning from you everyday. Even the staff members at my study spot in Denny’s Restaurant said I was their sweetest customer and gave me a gift for the road 🙂

Thank you for all your precious gifts and inspiration, Jackson.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

–W.B. Yeats

P.S. You are my favorite teacher.” 

“I am grateful for your support throughout this Journey. You should know that I did feel very prepared and confident walking into and out of this exam.  I have faith in knowing God has a reason for the path our lives take and a purpose for us in the lessons we garner along the way.  I am certainly a different person after taking your class and not just because I see the law clearer or can write a better exam essay, (which I am certain of now) but because I have found a part of me I did not even realize was lost until it was so obvious to you in my studies that you pointed it out to me. I am, and will remain, grateful to you for caring enough to not just let me continue fighting the tide but to showing me the way out through knowledge and realization and determination.

Thank you Jackson from all that I am and can now hope to be ….”

“I think I passed or at leased raised the score.”

“The software directions were not always clear, but they did have a s.m.e. on site to answer any questions.  He assisted me to deactivate Avast, which doesn’t “like” being deactivated. There was no essay question on domestic relations.  I’m mildly surprised about this.There was a question on wills, and to nobody’s surprise, there were only two witnesses and one of them was a named beneficiary.  Attorneys in hypotheticals certainly make obvious mistakes, don’t they? When I was practicing on the test exams, I always found the first hundred questions easier than the second hundred.  The actual bar exam followed the same script.  I finished the first 100 with more than 15 minutes to go, but I was working on #200 with less than 5 minutes to go.”

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UBE Student Comments:

“I just have no idea about those multiple choice questions.  Hopeful that I put enough law down on those 6 essays in the afternoon to pass.  Feeling decent about the 2 MPTs.   Thanks so much for your course.   I truly did feel at peace during the testing.  No crazy nerves like I know many others had.”

Texas Student Comments:

“Once again thank you so much for the very instructive bar review course that you offer. I’ve just finished taking the Texas Feb 2015 Bar Exam! Thank God! By His Grace I tried my best and believe I will surely pass!” 

MBE Student Comments:

“I feel that I did my best. Nothing amazingly surprising in the test.”

To tell you the truth, I for one, did not know what to think of the Fed Civ Pro questions. In my opinion, they appeared to be more than just 33 of them………..It wasn’t easy, but as you advised, I tried my best to read through slowly & steadily and then answer and move on. The way the fed civ pro questions were structured (at first glance, it could’ve been a tort, criminal, evidence, etc. question) and one had to be quick to decipher that it was a civ pro question before checking the answers with confidence. I found that quite unsettling to say the least.”

“On this exam, there were no “Yes…, but… ” answers, or “No…, if…” answers.  They were all “Yes…, because…” or “No…, because…”.  I thought it was an interesting change.  Honestly, I don’t remember if that is how the questions were on the 2014 OPE.  Though it wasn’t a big change, it caught my eye. Additionally, the idea of a fundamental right to health care was in at least two of the answers.  Because you like Constitutional Law, I thought you would appreciate that.”


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