Paradigm Changes and Pattern Recognition (Part One)

The paradigms you use to study and take the bar exam change almost everything. In this episode, Jackson takes a deeper look at the paradigm of the conscious and non-conscious brain for problem-solving. Here’s how to make full use of your genius mind to solve problems on the bar exam with less stress and greater accuracy!

Discover the amazing power of the Preconcious Processor in your brain to help you study more effectively and answer bar exam questions with greater accuracy. You may be surprised at the extraordinary amount of information our bodies receive and process that we are consciously unaware of. By tapping into these goldmines of information, it’s possible to radically reshape performance on your bar exam.

Part 1 of a 2- part series that builds on the work of Dr. Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies, discover why you must change your paradigm and use more of your intuitive skills when you study and take the bar. Part Two will look at the techniques of Pattern Recognition and our Selective Intuition™ approach to bar study and performance.

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